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Hi: And thanks for stopping in to see the web site I have set up for all my customers who have purchased a vehicle from me.
This site will be redone once a month to help keep in touch with all of you and to help you with some tips, tricks and to answer some questions you may have.
There is a feed back page where you can send me any comments or questions you would like to see answered in one of the up coming issues. You can also send any referrals you may have for me from there also. So come on in and browse around, be sure to come back and check out next months articles. This site will grow in time to better serve you.
Got a car buying war story? Send it to me and I will post it.
Got something to sell? Buy it, Sell it at the Bargin Barn. onlineAuction
Find that special some one, Find A Date with the Romance Connection.
While you are here check out My Home Page to learn more about me.

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