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Alone is not so bad.
It's not a reason to get mad.
Nor a reason to feel sad.
In fact you should be glad.
It's all you've ever known.
It's the lifestyle that you have chose.

Just think of all the reasons why.

There's no one there to see you cry!
No need for you to explain the reason why!
There's no one there to tell you lies, if you have no kind of ties!
There's no one there to bitch when your late, of you don't have a mate!

You control your own fate!
It does not matter who you date!
You don't have to worry about what the other one is doing,
or who they are screwing!
When all you have is you, there's not much you have to do,
except for what you chose!
That's the only way you can't lose!

Steve Makarits Jr. 1994