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This part of my life is back in West Palm Beach Florida.
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This is me back in West Palm Beach Florida with the guitar I bought with the money I made from the Christmas tree venture. I lived there for about 28 years off and on. Mostly on. Except for the times you will read about here on my site. I worked at .

Rlaxing at home

the West Palm Auto Mall at the Nissan Dealership there from 1990-1997. I started out washing cars, then got promoted to taking care of the used car lot and from there I went on to be a salesman for Nissan from 1993 - 1997. I now live in Dothan Alabama. I moved here 2 days before Christmas day of 1997 to take care of my mother after my grandmother past away. She past away on November 14 of same year, only 5 days before her birthday. Look for granny later on down the page.


Me my brothers wife Karen and there daughter Kristi. Here is my brothers wife Karen and their daughter Kristi. They stopped over for a rare visit. This is my apartment where I lived for 2 years and had one of my other brothers as a room mate. At this time in his life getting the rent from him was like pulling teeth. I am sure none of you out there have ever experienced that before."HAHA". In case you are wondering where my brother is while his wife is sitting next to me, he is the one who took the pictures. :-)
This is my brother Andy, the one who took the pictures above. Karen's husband and Kristi's dad. He works for the city of West Palm Beach Florida. He has been there now for about 12 years or so. I have one more brother named Robby but no one knows where he is. It has been about 3 - 4 years since any of us has seen or heard from him. He is in the West Palm Beach area. If you know where he is, please E-mail me at His name is Robby Makarits see his photo at the bottom of the page.

Andy my brother and Karens husband and Kristis dad.

Danny Here is my brother Danny, the one I told you about having a hard time getting the rent from.  haha. He is just to cool for this web page. He lives with his girlfriend the last I heard. If something new comes on the market he has to have it. haha
Herrrresss "Granny"! She was a great woman, and is missed by all who knew her. She is still in our hearts and minds. She always had something cooking in the kitchen and any and every one was welcome to share a plate. She raised 3 daughters on here own. Phyllis, Hazel, and my mom Eloise. After that she had a few boyfriends.You go granny!


Robby Makarits "Missing" This is Robby Makarits, my brother and the one I told you about that is missing in action. This photo is about 3 years old and the only one I have of him. He is married and has a baby boy. When I say missing I don't mean like kidnapped but just cut off from the family. His wife's parents seem to be calling the shots and keeping him away. I need to talk to him if you know him and can get me in touch with him. He does not even know that his grandmother has passed away yet. Thanks, Send all info about him to

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